About Us

Whisky Cat Box
Fuzzcat whisky was homeless and on the hunt for yummy treats. She spied an open box, jumped inside and to her delight found boxes of cookies!
Cookie Van
However before she knew it the box was placed onto a van, her included! Where was she being taken to?
The Fuzzballs
The box was delivered to no ordinary house, but one filled with Fuzzballs! Whisky was greeted by the fuzzballs and adopted by a new caring owner.

Whisky finally found her furrever home filled with love, friendship, adventure and fuzzballs!


fuzz cat whisky is always on the hunt for adventure, friendship and yummy treats!

likes: junk food, naps & cuddles
dislikes: hard work, rainy days & exercise




fuzz bunny ollie always tries his best and is great at making yummy treats. om nom nom.

likes: being creative, baking & cookies
dislikes: the cold & being told he can’t do something





fuzz tiger timmy is a little silly and sometimes clumsy but always super adorable!

likes: pretending & video games
dislikes: vegetables, chores and having to tidy up the mess he makes.





The Fuzzballs have loads of friends and love to go on fun adventures with them! There’s Penny Penguin, Toffee Giraffe, Squiggle Squirrel, Amy Alpaca & Pika Bunny.





In the summer of 2013, Fuzzballs was born.
Created by Marc Sach as a tumblr web comic for fun, the cute characters resonated with the world.
Since then Marc has kept making Fuzzballs comics and expanded ever since.

Small & Independent
Fuzzballs is a small company that is filled with passion. With only one member of staff, Fuzzballs is able to react to fan demand in an instance whilst also working with a possitive fun filled attitude. This isn’t work, this is fun! Fuzzballs started small but now has over 300 products available that we’ve shipped all over the world with no signs of slowing down.

For the Fans
Fuzzballs is designed for the fans first and foremost as without them, there would be no Fuzzballs. Fans help guide not only the future of the brand but our values as well. Fuzzballs is an inclusive, positive, determined, fun filled, happy world that anyone can be a part of. We are careful to make sure all the partners we work with are the same minded whilst trying to work with the best to fill those knowledge gaps we can’t do ourselves.

Cuteness Overload
Fuzzballs is filled with absolute cuteness overload. Every step of the way we are thinking about how we can not only bring a little bit of cuteness to peoples lives but how we can also stay relevant in an ever changing landscape and make something timeless and around for a very long time. This not only means making cute comics but products that are high quality. When you see Fuzzballs you know you are going to get something good!

Friendship is Everything
We love to make friends and want to make sure you never feel alone. Every Fuzzball has their own unique personality which you can find relatable. This relatability is what makes Fuzzballs so popular, knowing in this hectic world of ours that you are not alone and there is someone just like you out there. So why don’t you come and be friends with us, we’ve got cookies too!