Rocket Licensing now represent Fuzzballs

Rocket Licensing now represent Fuzzballs

That’s right! Fuzzballs is now represented worldwide by Rocket Licensing. We will be in great company as Rocket Licensing also represent brand such as Bananya, Disenchantment, Beano, Elf on the Shelf and many more. What does this mean for you as a customer and fan of Fuzzballs? Hopefully even more Fuzzballs products available in a lot more places in the future! For everyone else, it means you can license Fuzzballs and join something super popular all around the world.

Here is the press release.


Rocket Licensing adds Fuzzballs to portfolio

Agency signs deal with Kyandii Ltd for the cute pop culture brand from creator Marc Sach


Rocket Licensing has been appointed as the worldwide licensing agency for the Fuzzballs, a cute pop culture brand which began life in 2013 as a Tumblr web comic. The funny, adorable characters, including Fuzz Cat Whisky, Fuzz Bunny Ollie, Fuzz Tiger Timmy and their friends go on the hunt for yummy treats, adventure and friendship and are created by graphic designer Marc Sach, who previously worked on global brands including Sonic the Hedgehog and Pioneer DJ.


Based on adorable animal loving pop culture with a hint of Japanese kawaii (kawaii means cute in Japanese), Fuzzballs is hilariously cute and quickly grew in popularity. The first product was launched in 2015 and there are now over 300 lines available. In the UK, the range is sold via the website, by gift and card retailer, Scribbler, which is a big supporter of the property as well as a range of independents around the world.


The fanbase for Fuzzballs is global and spans across all ages but has a particular resonance with millennials, teenage and student girls. With almost endless relatable and humorous designs available to suit all consumers covering areas such as fashion, stationery and homewares, as well as including a raft of seasonal themes, there is a wealth of material for licensees to tap into to create fun, unique new lines.


The team at Rocket Licensing has a range of key categories which they are looking to partner with licensees in, including apparel, publishing, stationery, housewares, gifting and accessories. The agency will also be looking for partners across health and beauty, tech accessories, games, food and confectionery as well as partyware, and is planning to create partnerships for live experiences and promotions.


Charlie Donaldson, Joint Managing Director, Rocket Licensing, says: “We can’t wait to start showing the world of Fuzzballs to potential licensees. The brand has an enormous following with a huge appetite for new products and experiences, and there is an endless supply of engaging content for partners to work with. The property grew its fanbase organically from its start as an online comic, which shows the real love people have for the brand.”


Marc Sach, Founder and Creator, Fuzzballs, adds: “Fans of Fuzzballs and even those seeing us for the first time cannot get enough of the content and related products, so I’m excited to start working with new partners to build ranges for fans new and old alike to take into their homes and expand their collections.”



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