Fuzzballs NFT FAQs

Fuzzballs NFT FAQs

Fuzzballs first NFT collection launches exclusively on Kalamint.io Wednesday 15th September – http://kalamint.io/user/fuzzballs

What is an NFT
An NFT is a non fungible token. A what? For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible.

Still doesn’t make sense? NFTs work on the block chain, and are basically a way for you to own a digital piece of content with proof that you own it. Fuzzballs has created a limited edition range of Fuzzballs art (as seen above) which will be converted to NFTs.

Why would i want an NFT
There are many reasons you may want an NFT. You may just love the artwork and want to be the owner of it. You may be a collector and want to collect a set just like collecting Pokemon cards. You may want to support the artist by purchasing their art, just like you would with art on canvas.

How do i get an NFT
You can get Fuzzballs NFTs here – http://kalamint.io/user/fuzzballs – but you’re going to have to be quick as they are likely to sell out fast. You’ll need a wallet and some Tezos to be able to purchase the NFTs.

What are Tezos
Tezos is a crypto coin similar to bitcoin, litecoin and many others. Unlike bitcoin which each are worth thousands of dollars, Tezos are far cheaper, currently at time of writing this article 1 coin is worth just $7.

What is a Wallet
A wallet is where you store your crypto currency online. We recommend https://templewallet.com/ although you can use other wallets to store Tezos and we suggest you do your own research if you are new to NFTs and Crypto currencies. You can purchase Tezos to store in your wallet at https://www.binance.com/en or https://www.coinbase.com/ but there is other places you can purchase from too.

What can i do with my NFT
Fuzzballs NFTs are for personal use only. So you can print them out for yourself, share them online or do what ever else you’d do with Fuzzballs art. You can also resell them if someone else would like it.

Is this bad for the enviroment?
Bitcoin and other coins are often in the news for being bad for the enviroment and that is true, as they use something called Proof of Work which is very energy intensive. Tezos is different and uses Proof of Stake which uses about as much energy as it takes to post a tweet, so far greener and better for the enviroment.

Who else makes NFTs?
Lots of huge brands from the NBA and WWE to BMW, Nyan Cat, Beeple and even Linkin Park. Lots of artists and brands now make and sell NFTs and you can expect this to grow massively in the near future.

What is in store for the future?
Lots! We have a road map where we hope to offer a collectible card series of the Fuzzballs, each with different strengths and weaknesses as well as a large collection of PFP NFTs allowing you to collect your fave Fuzzball for the ultimate in showing off your personality. There will of course be one off themed content and even our comics will become NFTs in future. We’re even exploring giving away free NFTs with purchases of select Fuzzballs products.

Hopefully this helps you understand Fuzzballs NFTs and allows you to collect your first ones. Why not join our Facebook group to discuss and show off the NFTs you’ve got! https://www.facebook.com/groups/fuzzballs

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