Pinfinity Fuzzballs Licensed Enamel Pins Launched!

Pinfinity Fuzzballs Licensed Enamel Pins Launched!

Fuzzballs is super excited to announced our first licensed products! In collaboration with Pinfinity you can now purchase our first range of Augmented Reality Enamel pins!


Augmented Reality? Whats that!? Well it means these enamel pins can come to life. All you need to do is own one of these enamel pins, download the super special Pinfinity app and watch as your enamel pins come to life. The pins will animate, allow you access to special bonus features like wallpapers and you can even take a selfie with the Fuzzballs. How cool is that! Place the animated Fuzzballs characters into your real world photos.

These enamel pins are super high quality hard enamel, Approx 1.77in in size and are black nickle in colour. Each pin comes with it’s own unique backing card so make sure you collect the whole set!


We couldn’t be prouder of our first officially licensed products and can’t wait to announce even more exciting licensed Fuzzballs products in the near future. Now go and get yourself a pin and then share your selfie with us!


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